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Bodybuilding Revealed by Will Brink is a complete guide that covers valuable tips and techniques for building lean body mass. The first part of the book, Nutrition, teaches you how to eat to naturally optimize your body's muscle-increasing hormones. This way you will be able to gain lean body mass, without gaining fat. You will learn what and when to eat, the top 10 'must-have' foods, the biggest mistakes you could make in your diet, and more.

The Supplementation part of Bodybuilding Revealed includes reviews of over 60 popular diet supplements. You will be able to read real user feedback, recommended dosage and timing and scientific research regarding each supplement.

In the Workout section, you will discover little known techniques that can help you maximize gains from your weight training. Here, you will find recommendation for perfect timing and repetition, how much weight you should lift, how to perform each exercise, and how to apply all that knowledge to get maximum results.

Cardio Section shows you how to get the most of your cardio workouts, the best time for cardio training and how to do cardio effectively to save energy and time.

In the last part of Bodybuilding Revealed, Will Brink shows you how to stay motivated and the right way to set goals. As a part of the package, you also receive one-year access to the 'Inner Circle', where you can interact with qualified fitness professionals that will answer every question you might have. You also have the option to be active on the Bodybuilding Revealed exclusive member forum, where you can exchange experiences and share opinions with other bodybuilding enthusiasts.

All in all, the Bodybuilding Revealed is a solid program that can be adjusted to your age, fitness level and requirements. It will help you gain muscle mass and lose fat, without dangerous supplements or drugs.

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No book can compare...
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I think there is no book out there that compares to Will Brink’s Bodybuilding Revealed on how to gain lean muscle. I competed last year in Figure and aim to compete again next year. I always want to investigate new ways to improve my nutrition, training and supplement intake to produce the best results. The forum is the best – instant access to experts on nutrition, supplements and training routines. The information is clear, easy to understand and backed by real world experience.

Kim Kruger,
New Zealand

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