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Body Re-Engineering is a complete fitness and nutrition guide, written by a bestselling author Hugo Rivera. Hugo Rivera has been involved in bodybuilding his entire life. He’s acquired various accreditations, including ISSA, CFT, and SPN, and has sold over 1 million books worldwide. Body Re-Engineering is his newest and most complete bodybuilding program. It has been 17 years in the making and has proven to be one of the most successful body reshaping system on a market today.

Body Re-Engineering system was designed to work for both men and women, for young and old, for people with great or poor genetics and anyone in between. The Body Re-Engineering manual is divided into five parts that include everything from weights and cardio training, diet and nutrition, rest and recovery, supplements, and even motivation – something that is so often left out of most fitness books, but is essential for success.

To make Body ReEngineering as easily available as possible, Hugo Rivera has packaged it as an instantly downloadable product. That means that you can download it to your computer in a matter of minutes and start using it right away.

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Something that beginners can definitely trust
posted this review on January 26, 2014

This system isn’t just about building muscles, it’s about completely changing your body’s makeup. I was an ectomorph before, really skinny, no muscles just fat. Body Re-Engineering helped me pack on muscles just where I needed them. No huge arms and skinny legs like the problem most men have. The thing about Body Re-Engineering is that it’s based on science, and there’s a good explanation on why you need to do each exercise, and why you need to follow a certain pattern. This works many hours after you’ve finished your workout, unlike others that work only while you’re working out. Most parts of my body have significantly improved, but my abs still need some work, and my calves too. The changes I’ve noticed are not just physical but also from within. I get more energy, and I generally feel stronger. I get a lot more benefits here from other workout programs that I’ve tried, so I really highly recommend it to everyone, particularly for beginners who want to get started on the right track. There are so many programs on the Internet that could mislead you, so it’s better to just start with something that you can trust with your body.

I think I'm finally safe from plateauing
Darwin Finnigan (from Encinitas, USA) posted this review on December 14, 2013

I’ve already gained about 20 lbs. of muscle using this method, and I’m pretty sure I’ll be gaining a lot more in the months to come because these techniques are just so effective. I also noticed how they fight plateauing. I should have hit plateau by now but no, I’m still gaining muscle mass and losing fat. I’ve never looked this good!

This is a highly-effective plan
E. Kiffler (from Sausalito, USA) posted this review on October 20, 2013

I’ve always been telling my friends that it’s never too late to get health. I’ve a lot of friends who got bigger over the years, and just let their bodies go. I’m 40+ now and still fit because of Body Re-Engineering. I’ve been on this fitness program for 3 years now. I’ve suggested this to two friends who wanted to get fit too, and it worked wonders for them like it did for me. Body Re-Engineering works for whatever age, whatever fitness level. Although if you’re suffering from heart problems and severe blood pressure problems I’d recommend a talk with your doctor first. Anyway, for younger people, I think this will be amazing. Had I found this when I was younger, I’d have been the stud in college!

The best I've looked so far
posted this review on October 12, 2013

Body Re-Engineering helped me achieve what I was trying for a long time to achieve by going to the gym regularly. It’s just different when you have a carefully planned program. I was just doing before random stuff I saw on the Internet. I didn’t have a plan at all. Back then, my goal was just to build muscles. I didn’t think much about getting my body proportionate and all that. Body Re-Engineering helped me fix everything. I focused too much on my arms, and so my body looked awkward. Following the techniques in Body Re-Engineering I got to balance everything out. This is the best I’ve looked so far.

Sadly, it's only good for men
posted this review on October 6, 2013

This is something I’d recommend for men, but I’d give a hell no for women. My boyfie and I both used the same program because we couldn’t afford a trainer. His body ended up looking great with all those rock hard muscles in his arms, and he finally got the V-shape he’s always wanted. The effect on me was too much. I had muscles on my arms too which isn’t what I wanted. I only wanted to drop a dress size or so. Right now, I’ve quit the program, but my boyf is still using it. He loves it! I’ve finally gave in to getting a trainer. I don’t want to look like the Hulk through workout programs like this.

This quality is rare on the internet
posted this review on June 2, 2013

I’m a fitness trainer by profession. I don’t get easily impressed by fitness and workout programs like this one just because the author has a good body. But when I got the chance to review this program, I was convinced. Hugo is one of those unlucky people who have unpredictable bodies that are really difficult to manage. Simple errors in their workout routine and diet can get throw their body off balance and cause rapid loss of muscle mass leading to being skinny or sudden gain fat. I’ve seen how balanced Body Re-Engineering is. Here, the goal is to have a proportionate and lean body through workout and nutrition alone. It’s not like others that require the use of harmful supplements. I have dropped my body fat to 10% because of this program, and now I’ve already put some of clients on it too. I’m not saying that this works for all body types, but this is one of the few high quality fitness programs I’ve seen on the internet.

I get better results than those who have personal trainers
posted this review on May 30, 2013

Body Re-Engineering is the only program I’m currently using for packing on muscles. I workout in the gym thrice a week without a trainer and I’m getting better results than what other gym goers are getting. My belly fat is almost and my arms look great. The program is very challenging, but at least it’s fast.

I may not like Hugo's body much but I like his program
posted this review on May 15, 2013

I don’t like Hugo Rivera’s physique, but I love his program. I don’t want a waistline that small, but I do like his washboard abs. I think I’ve become a more proportionate version of him because of this program.

My skinny arms are more muscular and my pooch belly is gone
posted this review on April 19, 2013

Hi everyone, this is Tom! Of course you don’t know who I am and I can’t post my photos here, but I’ve had much success through Body Re-Engineering and I’m really happy to share with everyone that I’ve gained more than 30 lbs. of muscle and lost a lot of fat through this program. I’ve been working out in the gym several months when I realized that it wasn’t working for me. I wasn’t getting the results that I wanted and it was sucking out too much of my energy. I tried Body Re-Engineering shortly after that realization, and it’s really different from the old program I had in the gym. This one is unique because it’s energizing and the results are so noticeable right away. I have a lot of photos posted on Facebook and they’re all, “wow man, what did you do?” some say I look 10 years younger now without the belly flab, and with my skinny arms toned and more muscular. This is far from a perfect body, but for someone who has been a skinny armed pooch bellied man for a long time, this is already a very pleasant change.

You should see results in 2 months
Gray Elrich (from Talco, USA) posted this review on March 10, 2013

Body Re-Engineering is a fat loss and muscle building program that focuses on combating plateaus. It’s the most common problem for bodybuilders because after a short while of gaining muscle, they hit a plateau, and they barely gain muscle mass or lose weight anymore. Their body gets used to their routine that it doesn’t respond to it anymore. Now, there is still little result after hitting a plateau, but it’s hard to stay motivated, and there are times when you’d wonder whether or not the results you are getting are worth your efforts. Body Re-Engineering is made so you’ll achieve continuous results, and stay motivated throughout. This works for both men and women, and it’s quite easy to gauge whether or not the program is working for you. You should be able to see results in about 2 months. That’s what happened to me, but I’m still on the program as I haven’t achieved my goal yet.

I got my dream bod
Manuel Copper (from Waco, USA) posted this review on March 1, 2013

Body Re-Engineering is meant to help you change the way your body is built. Some people are really round because they have more fat than muscle. When they try to lose weight, they usually burn their muscle along with their fat. That’s not a good thing. You wouldn’t want to burn muscle because it’s what boosts your metabolism. With Body Re-Engineering you will learn a fitness routine that will have you burning fats on the maximum while keeping your muscles intact. This results to a better and hotter body in as little time as possible. I honestly didn’t like Hugo’s body looking at it in pictures, but I read the sales page, and I thought I’d give it a try because the theory behind it is great. Now, I’m getting really close to the kind of body that I want. Just the right amount of muscle combined with a fat-free body. Not as big as that of Hugo’s but this is what I want for myself.

So quick!
posted this review on November 2, 2012

I used to workout before but most of the programs I’ve tried do not show noticeable results right away, so I quit before reaching my dream body. I felt like the results I’m getting weren’t worth the trouble and hard work, so I just quit. I have a job, so it’s really difficult to find the time and energy for these workouts.

An officemate told me about this program by Hugo. He’s met Hugo before, so he’s really confident that the program is gonna work. We got into this program together, and we get the same results. They’re very fast! You will see results weekly. Body Re-Engineering is the only workout program that shows quick results, and they’re quick enough to keep me motivated.

I’ve shed off much fat since I got started on the program, and I’ve also built some lean arm muscles. It’s a great program and I think everyone should try it!

My friends and I love this program
posted this review on September 29, 2012

This is a complete program for shedding off those extra pounds and resculpting your body to the shape and form that you want. I’m on this right now, and I was really pleased with the initial results so I continued using it. I’ve also recommended it to some friends and they’re loving it just as much.

The only fitness program I trust
Paul Klein (from Douglass, USA) posted this review on August 23, 2012

This is the only fitness program I trust. After years of experimenting with online fitness program, I decided to stick with this one, and it’s been giving me results since then. I developed my hunky body using this program, and now I’m just maintaining it. I was more than 200lbs when I got started, but now I look like I run a gym! It covers all aspects of weight loss and presents you with a multi-faceted workout program so you never get bored. There are supplementation tips too, as well as nutrition information, and a lot more. Basically everything you need to get on the road to fitness can be found in this book.

I'm 50 and fit
posted this review on July 17, 2012

I was a health buff when I was in my 20s and 30s, but now that I’m 53 yrs. old, finding a fitness routine that will work for me is difficult. I’m lucky I chanced upon this workout program by Hugo. At my age, I’m not after big muscles, I just wanted to be fit and healthy. This program gave me just what I needed. It burned my beer belly, and made my stomach more defined. My flabby and wrinkly arms have been repaired as well. The exercises are not so difficult, and I consulted with my doctor about them, and he said they are alright. If I had found this program when I was younger, I would have had a better body back then. I will be sticking to this program for as long as I can.


Hugo Riviera's Body ReEngineering

The book presents a holistic approach to fitness, covering mind set, training, nutrition and rest. Together, the discussion of all of these aspects in a single book provides excellent guidance to your workouts. The quality of writing is excellent. I have recommended this book personally to friends, and encourage you to have a closer look in case you want to get the most of your investments in a well-shaped body.

Bart Du Bois
Antwerp, Belgium

Hugo Rivera is the real deal

Before using Hugo Rivera's Body Re- Engineering training regimen and diet, I was not in very good shape, and I did not have too much confidence in my abilities. As a prior member of the military (U.S. Armed Forces), even though it was a requirement to stay in half way decent shape, I knew that I did not have the strength I desired, nor the stamina. I went from 190 lbs to my current weight of 205 lbs in just the first 10 weeks of the program, while at the same time losing 10 pounds of body fat. Hugo Rivera is the real deal.

Robert A. Lee
St. Petersburg, Florida

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