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by Daniel Sumner,

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Are you a blogger or Internet marketer looking to boost your business, increase your revenue, and become successful online? Would you like to learn how to create a professional blog that makes a difference?

If you've answered 'yes' to those questions then Bloggers Roadmap by Daniel Sumner can be a great resource for you. This guide is jam-packed with 11 huge chapters and more than 22,000 words, showing you "the secret roadmap to complete blogging success." Inside, you will discover how to choose your niche, use the right plugins, use hosting and domains, use concrete blogging techniques, pick the correct designs, build traffic, choose super cool topics, increase your audience, learn social media, build your mailing list, monetize your blog, and much more. You will also learn some amazing techniques to get the most from your blog business, such as how to build a blog community, how to be an expert in your niche with zero effort, where to place ads for maximum revenue, how to rank on top of Google pages, and how to legally steal content.

With Bloggers Roadmap, you will know how to do things right. You can avoid the mistakes other bloggers make. You will have the roadmap so you can have the perfect blog with traffic, content, and comments that can bring you some money. This guide will give you the chance to learn and use the exact methods Daniel used and still uses to create successful and profitable blogs. Just apply the info contained in this guide and you could be well on your way to blogging success.

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Great resource!
posted this review on June 3, 2014

After college, it was so difficult for me to get a job. I have a lot of student loans to pay off, so I got really stressed out with what to do. I tried many ways to earn money from the Internet, but some of them are either too difficult for me or they don’t pay enough. I read so many forums on online businesses, until I found Bloggers Roadmap. This has everything I needed to know about blogging and how to make money from it. The author didn’t hold back anything. I started from niche research, and now I’ve already setup several blogs on my chosen niche, and I didn’t even spend much time on that, not as much as I imagined I would. The money is already rolling in. It’s not much yet, but I already get enough to pay for my debts, and have some more left for my everyday expenses. I’m still scaling up the business. It takes some work, but I guarantee it’s not as stressful as your 8-5 job. Daniel also offers outstanding support. Unlike other online marketers, Daniel replies to questions post-sale. I’ve emailed him several questions within a 5-month period, and I always got detailed explanations and answers. This sure is the only one I’d recommend to everyone who wants to make money from blogging.

I got started with blogging for profit through Daniel's course
Travis McDermott (from Lagrange, usa) posted this review on May 25, 2013

I started blogging back in 2007. It was a personal travel blog back then. It was in a traveling high at that time, and wanted to share my photos and my adventures to other netizens. Facebook wasn’t this big then. When I realized the earning potential of blogs, I decided to monetize mine, while maintaining quality. I setup some ads, but they barely made money.

Bloggers Roadmap helped me learn the ins and outs of blogging for money. I got a bit obsessed with tweaking my blog based on Daniel’s suggestions, and monitoring the results. I setup another blog on photography at this point, and focused more on that than on my old travel blog. My earnings increased week after week. Daniel’s plugins and social media strategies helped a lot. My network of supporters increased with each month that passed. I also exchanged a few emails with Daniel for additional tips, and the good guy shared a lot more with me, niche-specific strategies.

I’m currently running 5 blogs on different interests, and they’re all making good money. Some people run more blogs, but I’m very strict with myself when it comes to quality, so I’m fine with these 5 blogs. They’re my bread and butter these days, and they pay me better than my recent fulltime work.

Dan is the man who put me on page 1 of Google.
On-Site Review

I decided it was time to commit to an idea that had been bouncing around my head like a game of pong for months. I knew now was the time to put my money where my mouth was and start my journey to become ‘The World Premier Gaming Blogger’!

Driven by pure, unadulterated passion I launched into this crazy ride with little more than an Xbox 360 controller! A mere 9 months later and I’m proud to say I’ve achieved more than I could have ever hoped! Truth be told, I couldn’t have done it without the help and guidance of Dan.

If you’re ready to take that leap and make something of yourself via your hobbies, interests and passions; I know you can achieve anything you want with this man in your corner! The Luigi to my Mario, the Obi-Wan to my Luke Skywalker, the man who put me on page 1 of Google for ‘Worlds Premier Gaming Blogger’ and the man who can do exactly the same for you!

Paul Simpson

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