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Blast Your Biceps by Lee Hayward is a training program that focuses on building up your arm muscles. This program will teach you how to add 2 inches of muscles to your arms in as fast as 8 weeks!

Whether you're a beginning or an advanced lifter, Blast Your Biceps can work for you. You'll learn everything about this unique 3-phase arm specialization training style  and how to build muscles in a systematic way.

In Phase 1, you'll learn how to pack on muscles and be ready for your next workout. Phase 2 will teach you the actual arm specialization routine for bigger and more defined arms. In Phase 3, you'll learn hard core mass and power building techniques that will help you solidify the gains you achieved in Phase 2. When you complete these 3 phases, you'll see incredible results in your arms and your entire physique!

Lee Hayward's Blast Your Biceps also comes with a number of free bonuses. With all these tools, you'll build strong, muscular arms you'll be proud to show off.

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Like this better than other more popular workout programs
posted this review on December 28, 2013

My biceps look great now but I’m worried about the other parts of my body that’s why I emailed Lee Hayward for a program that’s just as effective. I want to have a stronger and flatter core and I also want to have stronger calves. Please help me push Lee for something. I was surprised at the effectiveness of his Blast Your Biceps because I’d been working out at the gym for almost 4 months when I found this and then when I switched to this, I was shocked with the improvement. I’ve already recommended it to friends because I know they will see results too if they follow this and I wanted them to help me push Lee for something like this but for the entire body. I like this better than more popular workout programs and it’s for a good reason.

Unexpected improvement
posted this review on October 17, 2013

Being an ectomorph, I’ve always dreamed of having large biceps and legs. I’ve improved my legs when I joined a running team back in 2010. I just need to work it out a bit for maintenance, but it’s already got some muscles in it. I’m using Blast Your Biceps to add some mass to my upper body. This isn’t just for your biceps, it’s also for your chest. You will see some tips here for improving your upper body in general, although the focus are your biceps, of course. I’m seeing so much improvement now, and it’s just a really short span of time. I didn’t expect this much improvement in just 2 months. My biceps look more manly now, but it’s definitely a lot of work.

This is perfect
posted this review on May 4, 2013

I’ve already gained 3 inches of muscle around my arms because of Blast Your Biceps. The program is simple, but not easy. It’s challenging but not straining. It’s the perfect biceps program for me.

I'm very much impressed with how the program worked for me
David Allen (from Uniondale, USA) posted this review on April 10, 2013

Being a tall guy with limpy arms isn’t a good sight. I’ve always wanted to pack on some muscles on my arms, my whole body in general, but my arms were my focus because they’re actually the most noticeable. When you have good looking arms, people automatically think that you’re muscular.

I got Blast Your Biceps almost 2 months ago, and now I’ve already improved almost 2 inches on both arms. Almost an inch a month is not bad. Some people in the gym kill themselves to get the same result. The program is divided in phases which make it more organized, and easier to manage. It’s also meant to tighten and strengthen your arms like crazy, so your results can be maintained even when you slow down on your workout. I’ve felt stronger since I started on this, so I’m pretty sure that this isn’t “empty muscle” like what you get from others. Most importantly, Lee offers amazing support. He’s a real person, and a real muscle building enthusiast, so he’s always excited to learn more about your progress and eager to answer your questions as well.

Really fast!
posted this review on April 1, 2013

I’ve already grown 3 inches in my biceps since I started with Blast Your Biceps 2 months ago. The program is focused on the biceps, but you will also get general bodybuilding tips and tricks from here. I’ve only been into bodybuilding for 5 months. The first 3 months, I had an instructor in the gym. The results weren’t so good, so I decided to try an internet program instead. Since my biceps are the areas I wanted to target, I tried Blast Your Biceps. I like this because the program is very organized and you will know right away what to expect after each phase. There are 3 phases, which you will know more about on their website, and with each phase, you have specific goals that you need to achieve to determine whether or not the program is working. You don’t need to take dangerous supplements like you-know-what, while you’re on Lee’s program. if you checkout the website, you will see what Lee was able to achieve without messing around with those dangerous supplements. I’m pretty sure you’ll be convinced to try this out once you see Lee’s biceps. That’s what made me buy this! You’re also gonna get some bonuses with this program. The one about nutrition is my favorite.

I like how organized it is
posted this review on February 11, 2013

Blast Your Biceps accelerated the results on my arms and chest. It’s not just the biceps that this program is going to improve. Your chest will go with it. The program is well organized and you get explanations on why you need to take each step. I like the way the program is chopped into 3 phases because that way, you know what to expect by the end of each phase. I worked out in the gym before with a trainer, but it was very disorganized, and I had no idea whether or not my workout was working. Here, you get a prep stage, and then the actual mass packing stage, and then you get more advanced techniques in phase 3. The program tells you exactly when you should move on to the next phase. My arms and chest are already popping now after just 2 months of being on the program. I’m sure this will work for others too. Even those who are really skinny.

Blasted my biceps in less than 2 months
posted this review on September 3, 2012

I’ve been working on my biceps for a while before I found this program. I didn’t consider trying it out until I read it being mentioned in several fitness forums and they got only praises for it, so I went ahead and bought it. I tried it out, and saw how different it is from other workout programs. Even the feeling you get after working out is different, so I thought this is really something. Shortly after using this probably less than 2 months, I already noticed my biceps blowing up. Even people around me noticed it. I’m still on this program till now, and I’m planning to stick to it!

Worked for my biceps they're huge now
posted this review on July 29, 2012

This workout program is effective and organized! My biceps are perfect now, and strong too. I used to go to the gym, but my arms never get as big as I want it to be. I am a big guy and my torso is pretty large too, but my arms look pretty wimpy for the rest of my body. I realized later on that those ordinary stuff people do in the gym won’t work for me. I did a lot of research, though, before I was convinced to give this program a chance. Although the system focuses mostly on the arms, it does touch the entire body, so I now feel great all over. I’m really happy with the results, and I want to let everyone know that this stuff works.

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