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Blast Your Bench is a system that will help you build strong muscles. If you've always wanted a muscular, well-developed physique, then this easy-to-follow system can help you achieve your goal. You'll get all the strength training information and tools you need to succeed.

With Blast Your Bench, you'll discover the proper way to measure the intensity of your workouts, facts about muscle soreness and the key training factor for building muscle mass. You'll also learn how to use the 3 basic bodily energy systems to boost your testosterone and growth hormone production, how to determine the muscle building potential of exercises and why diet is important. Plus, you'll get bonus reports with recipes for making high-protein meals, tips for building muscles if you're on a budget, the truth about steroids and natural supplements and more. 

This proven training system is perfect for beginners and experienced lifters. Blast Your Bench can help you succeed in your effort to develop strength and build solid muscles. You'll receive 12 special bonuses if you purchase the basic package, or you can choose a deluxe or platinum package.

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Got me on the right track
Kino Jocson (from Theodosia, USA) posted this review on February 3, 2014

I used to suffer from spaghetti arms when I was in high school. I was the target of bullying because I looked like a loser. Little did I know, it was so easy to change my physical looks and my life in the process. I couldn’t have started working out then because I was still in high school, but I hope I’d found this earlier. Like when I was in college. I really experienced not being able to take off my shirt in front of other people back in college because I was scared they’d laugh at me. The experiences I had back in high school took its toll on my self-esteem.

Blast Your Bench is what started everything for me. I found this during a time when I didn’t know anything about bodybuilding and working out yet. I’m glad I chose this over other programs on the Internet. When I saw the results I got from Blast Your Bench, I was inspired to keep trying. It was a bit tough for me starting with this because as I said I was a total noob at that time. But after some time, I got accustomed to it. I’d recommend this to those who already have some experience working out at the gym, so you won’t have to go through the shock stage I experienced when I was starting out. Anyway, this is still very much highly recommended.

it did a better job than my trainer
posted this review on April 4, 2013

I was able to improve my bench with this. It’s a good thing that I found it because it did a better job than what my ex-trainer did for me. I like all the bonuses too. They’re all of high quality like the main product.

It's a realistic program with realistic goals
posted this review on February 18, 2013

Blast Your Bench is awesome. It’s a system for developing muscles and strength at the same time. The results are very fast, and the program is challenging in a realistic way. As I was reading the sales page of this product, I noticed right away that the program focuses on increasing your bench press in the shortest time possible. It means it also targets your strength and not just the physical appearance. There are a lot of muscle building programs out there that only focus on your looks. I don’t like them because it’s embarrassing being muscular, but weak. This is the exact program I’ve been looking for. Also, I’m able to finish the routine using only the simple equipment I have in my home gym. After just 3 months of being on this program, I already saw huge changes in the way I looked. My body’s a lot better now than when I was working with a trainer in the gym. Lee’s Blast Your Bench is really something worth trying if you’re after quick results.

Great for beginners who want to focus on their chest and arms
Jerry Wilhelm (from Imbler, USA) posted this review on November 24, 2012

The program isn’t just for bench press, although the focus is increasing your bench, in just a short amount of time. There is plenty of supplemental information here, including proper diet and other exercises that go hand in hand with your bench press. It’s a general body conditioning program that has bench press as its core. I’d recommend this for beginners in bodybuilding or fitness who want to focus on their chest area more than other parts of their body. I wouldn’t recommend this on its own for long periods though because you need to make your body proportional and focus on different areas too from time to time. You can’t have nice arms and chest, and leave the ab area. Some beginners make that mistake. I recommend using this for your chest and arms and researching on other programs for the core and other parts of your body. Also, I recommend following the diet program in the book. There are plenty of protein-packed recipes here that can help blow up your muscles in no time.

Wonderful results in just 2 months
Vincent Luis (from Fort Eustis, USA) posted this review on October 16, 2012

This is a complete program for building some serious muscle. I’ve been on this program for just 2 months, and I’m already seeing growth. I was a really skinny guy before, and when I say skinny, I mean skinny. Now, I’m putting on some weight, muscle, and self-confidence. My arms, particularly, have become puffier, my stomach has a bit more cushion on it. It really looks good and proportionate. I’ve changed my lifestyle and my diet based on the recommendation on this book and that’s probably why I get results a lot faster than other people. If I keep growing at this rate, I’d probably be able to stop after 2 months more, so I’m already halfway there. This is one of the best decisions I’ve made in my life. It’s really changed me not just physically, but also on the inside. I’ve got more self-esteem, discipline, and drive now.

Just a little more work with this book
Kyle Malloy (from Sperryville, USA) posted this review on August 25, 2012

This book made gaining muscles so much easier for me. I’m a hard gainer, and working with a trainer didn’t work for me, so I got this book. I think I’m better off learning about my body alone. I studied everything in the book, from physical to chemical aspects, so I was able to maximize muscle growth. I packed on so much muscle the first month on this, so I just continued using it. My arms look great now, but I’m still working hard to get the other parts of my body looking as good. Just a bit more work, and I’d be perfect!

I've alread mastered my body
posted this review on July 18, 2012

I was new to bodybuilding when I got this program. I didn’t want to hire a trainer then  as I was busy, and I could not stick to a fixed schedule. I wasn’t sure about working out at that point too. This program is so easy to understand that I didn’t need any help in getting started with it. I had the basic package at first, but then I upgraded to platinum because I enjoyed it so much. My improvement was fast, it was even faster than my friends who go to the gym and workout with a trainer. I think it’s because I can take it at my own pace, and decide whether I’m ready or not. I gained better understanding of my body, and how it responds to different weights and workout routines. The program actually helped me master my own body.  I’m now shifting to advanced programs, as I’ve already graduated from the easier ones.


Built A Strong Muscular Body In Just 6 Months!

All my life I have been the excessively skinny guy. I've never known what it feels like to have muscle. Then I found out about Lee’s workout programs. I ordered the Bench Blast Program, I've also read his articles, e-mail tips, and watched his YouTube videos. His valuable training information and dedication to helping has truly changed my life.

Over the past 6 months I have made size and strength gains that I didn't know could come so quickly. I'm just very pleased right now and I owe a big deal of that to Lee.

JC Lewis,
Alabama, USA

Increased My Bench From 185 to 225 In Just 3 Weeks!

Lee has helped me on numerous occasions over the last year, including some one on one training when I tried his Blast Your Bench Program. I made awesome gains with this program. Even though it is a bench press specialization routine, I made solid gains all over.

Lee has a ton of experience in bodybuilding, as well as powerlifting, and it shows. Not only does he have an impressive physique, but the man's head is jam packed with all kinds of exercise and nutritional information. Now we can get a taste of his knowledge base, as he has put together all the valuable information into an easy to follow system.

Steve Cook,
Mount Pearl, NL, Canada

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