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If you are a mom-to-be who wishes to have a healthier and safer pregnancy, labor, and delivery, Amy Jones' Birthologie: Discovering Your Peaceful Birth can be a great resource for you. This course was created to help women from all over the world become empowered to create their ideal birth experience.

The Birthologie childbirth classes will provide you with all the information that you need, so you'll understand what's happening to your body. You will have the chance to work with their medical system, so you'll get the best possible outcome for you and your baby. With the help of this course, you will be armed with the knowledge so you can create the birth experience of your dreams whether you want to give birth at home, in a birth center, or at the hospital. You will learn how to avoid toxemia during pregnancy, the emotional signposts of labor, how to draw a birth plan, why visualization works, and much more.

Birthologie is divided into 10 modules, each comprising of about an hour of audio training and accompanying handouts. The modules are as follows: 1. Be all that you can be: Achieving a healthy, low-risk pregnancy for birth and beyond, 2. The Smart Pregnant Consumer, 3. A shot in the dark? Understanding birth interventions, 4. The process of childbirth: Stages of labor, 5. Planning your birth so “they” don't plan it for you, 6. Labor support techniques, comfort measures, and tricks of the trade, 7. The power of your mind: Visualizing your dream birth experience, 8. Avoiding and navigating the unexpected, 9. Shedding your fears, griefs, and ugly beliefs about birth and more, and 10. All things post-partum: Your baby, your body, your new life.

You will also receive two bonus modules when you purchase this course.

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Glad that I got this book!
posted this review on June 25, 2014

I was so worried before about giving birth because I saw some videos on the Internet of moms giving birth, and all the blood was enough to make me puke. My friends also talked all the time about how painful labor was for them. I was so scared that my husband got me this guide about having safer childbirth. I also attended yoga classes for expectant moms. It alleviated my stress. All the information  I got from this guide coupled with my yoga experience helped ease my anxiety. I successfully gave birth to a healthy baby girl 3 months ago, and I’m the happiest mom in the world! I’m glad to share that it was quite an easy birth and I wasn’t traumatized at all!

On-Site Review

Amy’s birth class is AMAZING! She makes it fun, entertaining and you definitely gain a lot of information. My husband is NOT into the whole birth scene, it stresses him out the whole ten months until a healthy baby is placed in my arms. Learning more about birth was not his cup of tea so he went just for me but Amy’s quirky, fun personality made the class endurable for him and might I say he learned quite a lot to help me through. For me the class and the binder full of information is something I will take and remember always.

Through the pregnancies of both my two boys I have taken the binder and read parts out of it every day the entire time. If I had to pick one book to prepare myself for a healthy, safe delivery I would definitely pick Amy’s .

Tiera Sims,
Las Vegas, Nevada

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