Shin Ohtake

Shin Ohtake has held a variety of roles in the workout and fitness field for 2 decades. He had been a  former competitive athlete, coach, chiropractic soft tissue therapist, and personal trainer  to name a few. Shin has now dedicated himself to helping other people achieve a healthy and fit body, with less fat and more muscles.

When Shin was starting out as a competitive athlete, he gained the rare opportunity to work with some of the best names in the field, including world-renowned strength and conditioning coach, Charles Poliquin. From Charles, and the other mentors he had, he learned some of the best workout techniques he now shares with other workout buffs.

Later, Shin went to McMaster University in Hamilton, Ontario Canada for his undergraduate degree. This is where he learned more about the body’s energy systems, and their role in burning calories. Because of his growing interest in anatomy and physiology, he pursued a doctorate degree in Palmer Chiropractic College West, in Northern California. During this time, he finally understood the link between the nervous system and weight loss.

Shin Ohtake’s specialty as a chiropractor is soft-tissue therapy, which deals with injury treatment and muscle recovery. Through the years, he has helped hundreds of people break free from ineffective workouts, outdated fitness methods, and over training.

After 20 years of earning experience in the field, Shin Ohtake released his program, Max Workouts, which is a 90-day fitness program. This work embodies everything he has learned from his early years as an athlete to his practice as a chiropractor. Until now, he aims to help people to lose weight, recover from injuries, and take their fitness to the next level.


Max Workouts by Shin Ohtake
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Max Workouts is a 150+ page workout manual by a formal competitive athlete and fitness trainer, Shin Ohtake. His main philosophy is that in order to increase your metabolism and build lean body mass you need to follow a short, yet intense workout regime. His Max Workouts plan combines strength training, circuit training and high intensity interval training. It will get you off the fitness plateau...
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