Mirsad Hasic

Mirsad Hasic is the author of the soccer eBook, The Ultimate Guide To Soccer Positions. He also has a lot of contributions to different article websites, where he writes mostly about soccer tips and techniques. He is a native of Yugoslavia (Bosnia), who moved to Sweden during the war of Balkan. He has been living there since 1993 up to the present.

When Mirsad was a young boy, he grew interest in kicking a leather ball. He used to play it with his friends in their backyard, regardless of the weather and temperature in their area. During these years, he realized that his life’s passion is soccer.

At the age of 11, Mirsad joined his first soccer team. Like all children who are starting out in sports, he felt quite anxious. Fortunately this experience became a good one, since all of his teammates were supportive. Also, he scored 3 goals during that match, and his love for soccer grew even bigger.

When he turned 15, however, he had to face a new kind of challenge. He joined an elite club with netter players, and tougher competition. Unlike his previous team, there was no sense of friendship in this group, since everyone was busy competing with everybody else. He stayed in this team for two years, and then moved on to the second division. This time, competition was not too bad, but there were a lot of pretty tough players to compete with, including Daniel Nannskog of Noway and Pa Dembo Touray of Gambia. Mirsad has learned a lot from these players, and one of the most important lessons he picked up is that a person must always be 2 steps ahead of his opponents.

Now, Mirsad is playing as defensive midfielder in a division 4 league here in Sweden. He enjoys playing with the friends he made over the years, and delights in sharing what he knows with other soccer enthusiasts.


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