Matt Huston

Matt Huston has always been known as the “relationship doctor.” His friends used to tell him that there is no relationship he could not fix, and that his understanding of how relationships work is deeper than everybody else’s.

Matt has been interested in all kinds of relationship stuff for as long as he can remember. Male-female relationships, marriage, and divorce have always been his most favorite subjects, so as the years went by, he gained more and more knowledge about them. He dedicated years of his life understanding this matter, and gaining almost scientific knowledge about how they work, what makes them fall apart, and how they can be fixed.

As Matt advanced his career in relationship counseling, he worked with thousands of couples and individuals in more than 40 different countries. He coached people through different means, sometimes one-on-one, sometimes over the phone. His 10 years of experience in relationships became his bread and butter, and he charges hundreds of dollars for most of his relationship coaching sessions.

Aside from being a professional relationship coach, Matt has written 100,000+ online courses on relationships and breakups. Most of these have been successful, and are still available for anyone who needs professional help in the comfort of their home. Some of his works that are still providing guidance to broken and confused hearts are Ex2 System: Get Your Ex Girlfriend Back and Get Him Back Forever. Matt’s unique approach to relationships and relationship problems has gained him worldwide recognition as an author.

To further improve his skills in relationship coaching, Matt is now working on his BA in Psychology at the University of Waterloo.


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Ex2 System reveals step-by-step plan that can help you get your ex girlfriend back. Matt Huston’s guide is based on basic female psychology. It takes advantage of the fact that psychologically all women function in a similar and predictable manner. Here’s a short preview of what you’ll learn in the Ex2 System: The single, most important key to getting her back, 4 techniques...
Get Him Back Forever by Matt Huston
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If your boyfriend or husband has suddenly decided to leave you and now you want him back then ‘Get Him Back Forever' was written just for you. Get Him Back Forever is a guide on how to get your ex, not only to return to you, but want to stay with you forever. It was written by Matt Huston, a professional relationship coach with a master's degree in psychology. In his years as a...
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