Lee Benson

Lee Benson is a self-development trainer based in Paris, France. He has a number of successful brain training programs under his name, including Brain Evolution System and Brain Bullet. Back in 2005, Lee had the privilege to work with brainwave pioneer Michael Kelley for Brain Evolution System, which is a six-level “brainwave entrainment” program for strengthening the mind. The program activates and stimulates the mind for relaxation and creativity, so it became popular with all sorts of people on the Internet.

Aside from being a well-known mind trainer, Lee Benson has made a name in the Internet marketing field. He started out in the business about 5 years ago, and immediately became an E-Zine genius. He founded the Ezine called “Let’s Talk Films,” and developed the Elite Inner Circle. His tips held much value in the Internet marketing community, since it helped a lot of online businesses boost their income. In his eBook, Killer E-Zine Tactics, he promoted the use of credit cards for online payments, and provided a lot of techniques in proper ad usage. The guide book gained much following on the virtual community because of its simplicity, and the wealth of information it offers.

Another popular work from Lee is his Marketing Quickies 3 membership website, which he built with the help of fellow online guru, Andy Fox. This website contains high-quality tools and services for business entrepreneurs, such as premium content, website management, modernized sales pitch, and marketing videos. The website even comes with the Amember software, which automates signups and manages website operations.

At the moment, Lee is traveling the world while promoting his Brain Evolution System. His huge faith in his product has driven him to ensure that more people will be able to benefit from its positive effects.


Brain Bullet by Lee Benson
(31 votes)
Brain Bullet is a software application that flashes positive affirmations on your computer screen. These affirmations are delivered so quickly that your hardly notice them. Your subconscious, however, is able to see them clearly and considers them as verbal commands. Slowly, the affirmations from Brain Bullet start replacing your old thinking pattern and shape your new, success-oriented mindset....
Marketing Quickies 3 by Lee Benson
(4 votes)
Marketing Quickies 3 is a membership website and product line built by Internet marketing experts Lee Benson and Andrew Fox.  If you are an online marketer or business owner, this website will give you the tools and info that you need to boost your business and make a fortune online. By becoming a member of Marketing Quickies 3, you get to have a license for a website that you can customize...
Brain Evolution System by Lee Benson
(9 votes)
Self-development and growth begins with the mind. Before you can make yourself a better person, you need to condition your mind to change self-limiting thoughts and beliefs. If you feel that your brain needs a bit of tweaking, Brain Evolution System from Lee Benson will be a big help. This scientifically proven program features a 6-level brainwave CD that can turn your life around in a matter of...
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