Hugo A. Rivera

Hugo A. Rivera has been a bodybuilder his entire life. He is a multi-certified personal trainer and fitness expert who also puts serious effort in maintaining his body. Unlike other fitness consultants or coaches, Hugo applies his methods in training and knowledge of nutrition to his everyday living. These same methods become Hugo’s tool for placing highly in a lot of national bodybuilding competitions.

Hugo was born on the 5th of December, 1984 in Bayamon, Puerto Rico. As a child, he was overweight, and went under a lot of emotional stress because of his physical appearance. When he hit the age of 13, adolescent pressures led him to anorexia, which slashed off 70 pounds from his body in less than a year. His parents took him to a nutritionist to help him recover from his condition. He was educated by his nutritionist, and eventually won his battle against anorexia. At 15 year old, he knew more about nutrition and the human body than the average people, and this interest made him the bodybuilder he is now.

Hugo worked hard on sculpting his body, and learning everything there is to know about practical bodybuilding. He mastered both theory and application, going through much trial and error along the way. When he realized that there is only a handful of people in the industry who actually show concern for their trainees, he launched his own fitness website and personal training career during his college years.

Now, after years of studying and hard work in the gym, Hugo bagged Mr. Typhoon Bay and placed 4th in the Nationwide NPC Team Universe. He has also become one of the most sough-after experts in the fields both online and offline. He has been in several TV and radio interviews, and have been invited to contribute to magazines and websites all over the world. Also, he was chosen as a writer for – a New York Times Company that aims to guide beginners into the world of bodybuilding.

Aside from these, Hugo is already a published eBook writer. His works include The Body Sculpting Bible for Men, The Body Sculpting Bible for Women, and Body Re-Engineering.


Body Re-Engineering by Hugo Rivera
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Body Re-Engineering is a complete fitness and nutrition guide, written by a bestselling author Hugo Rivera. Hugo Rivera has been involved in bodybuilding his entire life. He’s acquired various accreditations, including ISSA, CFT, and SPN, and has sold over 1 million books worldwide. Body Re-Engineering is his newest and most complete bodybuilding program. It has been 17 years in the making...
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