Dr. Marc Dussault

Dr. Marc Dussault has made studying a permanent part of his life. While other people are content with earning a college degree, Dr. Dussault continuously adds more titles to his name. He has jumped at 5 different opportunities in his life, each time accomplishing something new with flying colors.

Dr. Dussault’s earliest achievement was back in his undergraduate days. He completed a 4-year Engineering Degree in 3 years, which is quite impressive, since most other students take 5 years to finish it. Plus, he managed to take two specializations within his short stay in the university.

After finishing college, Dr. Dussault made an even bigger feat, graduating from his MBA and Ph. D with honors, while running a highly successful company. He utilized Exponential Marketing Strategy for his start-up company, which immediately grew 3 times faster than average businesses, with twice more profits.

Dr. Dussault did not stop at the string of achievements he received in college and in graduate school. He moved to Australia to finish a thesis for his Doctorate in Business Administration Degree, which he managed to complete in 3 months, while most others complete it in about a year or two.

Just recently, the doctor worked for a global software vendor, where he used the same principles that grew his business during his MBA and Ph. D days. He achieved 30x better marketing results than the company’s norms, and grew the company by 50% every year.

Dr. Dussault owes all of his success to his unique learning strategy. He believes that he has just the average intelligence, only with better studying techniques. He wrote the eBook, Get the Best Grades With the Least Amount of Effort, to help learners study the way he did back in his younger days. Thousands of students have already found it beneficial, and it is continuously providing support for more future achievers. This is by far, his greatest legacy to the academic world.


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