Chet Womach

Chet Womach has been a personal dog trainer for many years. He has thousands of clients from different parts of the world who come to him to have their dogs trained using Chet’s positive reinforcement method. He has worked with dogs of every age and every breed, and his method has been successful for all of them.

What makes Chet special is his hands off dog training style, which he shares in his guide, Hands Off Dog Training Formula. This training method uses only simple voice commands, hand signals, and well-timed positive reinforcement to train your dogs. Chet does not believe in punishing dogs, such as yelling, hitting, shocking, or jerking on leashes. Instead, he relies on hand cues, rewards, and voice commands to manipulate your dog’s natural canine instincts. This method helps both Chet and the dog he is training have fun, while achieving results.

Aside from dog training, Chet is also into bird training. He is the president of, which is a website that teaches bird owners how to train their pets and bond with them. The website has live training videos that are presented by Chet and his brother, Dave Womach. It is currently the largest bird training website online, with hundreds of thousands of views everyday. The Womach brothers also provide bird training seminars and one-on-one coaching for fellow bird lovers.

Chet has various interests, which are not limited to training animals. For leisure, he plays Division I baseball, tournament paintball, and all sorts of skiing.


Hands Off Dog Training by Chet Womach
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Hands Off Dog Training Formula is a comprehensive DVD and .pdf package that will show you how to eliminate common dog behavior problems and teach your dog basic obedience commands With the help of Hands Off Dog Training Formula Course you will no longer have to worry about such things as peeing in the house, nipping, jumping on people, not responding to the word ‘come', and so on. You...
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