Caleb Lee

Caleb Lee started out as a martial artist at the age of 5, and ventured into strength training at the age of 12. Because of his inclination to Taekwondo, he was determined not to gain weight, and therefore, was fitness conscious his entire life. While building strength and power, he kept a close watch on his weight to ensure that he fits in the strict weight categories in his sport. Over the years, Caleb developed an obsession for strength and conditioning training, and he even made it a point to share with others what he has learned from experience.

Unlike other fitness coaches, Caleb focuses on functional fitness. He believes that people should be able to perform better than they look. He not only helps his clients achieve toned abs and ripped muscles, he also ensures that they will be able to use it for whatever sport they play or whatever field they are in. Also, being a sportsman himself, he does not believe in deadly workouts and deprivation diets for the sake of looking good. He prefers achieving the best body through healthy ways and a healthy lifestyle. According to him, “"I believe you should workout to live, not live to workout.”

Caleb currently has a lot of fitness and workout eBooks out in the market. Some of these are “Superdiet” and “Muscle Building Mastermind.” Both of these works features Caleb’s unique methods of creating functional fitness, without hunger and exhaustion.


Superdiet by Caleb Lee
(122 votes)
Superdiet is a powerful diet plan that will help you completely transform your body into a lean, mean muscle machine without the need for countless workouts, exhausting cardio training or counting calories. You'll start to see results in just a few days. You don't even have to stick to it every day - just two days a week is enough time to get your body in tip-top shape.  Superdiet is...
(5 votes)
If you want to burn fat, build muscle and achieve a rock hard body, Caleb Lee's Muscle Building Mastermind is just the tool you need.  With Muscle Building Mastermind, you'll discover the personal workout formulas, techniques and strategies of 7 bodybuilding geniuses, including Caleb Lee himself. This program contains top-notch information, including the best set and rep methods that...
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