Bob Grant

Bob Grant is a licensed professional counselor and therapist and has been helping women with their relationships for over 17 years. He is also a bestselling author of several relationship books and has become known worldwide as 'The Relationship Doctor'. Some of his most well known books are:

  • The Woman Men Adore... And Never Want To Leave
  • How to Find the Man of Your Dreams
  • How Do I Get Him Back
  • What Husbands Can't Resist

In his writing Bob Grant uses his considerable insight into how men think in an attempt to help women find the right man and develop a loving and long lasting relationship. With his books and the still ongoing private practice, ‘The Relationship Doctor' is now ‘responsible' for numerous relationships and marriages. His goal is to "help each individual acquire, develop and enhance their relationships."

Apart from being a successful counselor and a best selling author, Bob Grant is also a frequent guest on the 'Marriage and Family Today' radio show. He is married and is a proud father of a little girl and three boys (triplets ). He lives in Atlanta, GA.


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The Woman Men Adore… And Never Want To Leave is 115 page e-book by a relationship coach and therapist Bob Grant. The main principle of the book is that men are attracted to women that make them feel good. So, every woman who learns the 'feel-good' skill has the power to attract and keep the man that she wants. The Woman Men Adore is a valuable resource for single women as well as women, who are...
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What Husbands Can’t Resist will help you to have a fulfilling and successful marriage by better understanding your husband’s emotional triggers and needs. The author of this 115-page e-book is an acclaimed relationship expert, Bob Grant. In What Husbands Can’t Resist, he shares effective techniques that will help you become the wife your husband has always dreamed about. According to the author,...
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Bob Grant, a well-known relationship therapist and coach, brings you his new book, How to Find the Man of Your Dreams. The guide contains proven step-by-step plan for finding the love of your life. Here's a short preview of what you'll learn in How to Find the Man of Your Dreams: 3 unique places to meet men, Ways to impress a man without really trying, How to find the man of your dreams and make...
How Do I Get Him Back by Bob Grant - 'The Relationship Doctor'
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Bob Grant, the author of How Do I Get Him Back, is a licensed professional counselor and therapist with over sixteen years of experience. During his time as an active relationship coach and counselor he has helped numerous women who just got dumped by their boyfriend or husband. Because of his success in such matters, he's now known as ‘The Relationship Doctor'. In his latest book, How Do I Get...
Long Distance Love by Bob Grant
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Long Distance Love is a unique eBook that focuses on surviving long distance relationships. It is written by “The Relationship Doctor,” Bob Grant. This guide is the product of hundreds of research hours spent on the common reasons why long distance relationships fail, and how couples can communicate more effectively even when they are miles apart. Bob Grant, himself, used these...
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What’s He Really Thinking is a crash course on the male psychology that is written to help you understand your man better. Written by real relationship doctor, Bob Grant, it is sure to give you an advantage over other women who are after your man. The information included in this guide has helped thousands of Bob’s private clients. Now, you will know the secrets of you your man’...
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