Beth Kiley

Beth Kiley is an ordinary woman from New York who once had problems getting pregnant. A year after Beth’s marriage, she, along with her husband, decided to have a baby. She got pregnant right away, but suffered a miscarriage a few months later. Friends tried to console her, but the situation was too painful for her. When she bounced back, they decided to try again, but they did not have the same luck they had the first time. All her doctors could do was to tell her to keep trying. She was left emotionally drained and very frustrated.

Since Beth has always been interested in research, she used this to her advantage. For months, she spent her time researching on the computer, reading books, tons of articles, transcripts, research papers, medical reports, and any other resource she can get her hands on. She also joined groups and discussions on the internet, where she met other women with the same problem. By the end of her research, she consulted two top experts of reproductive endocrinology, better known as fertility doctors, who added more information to her growing collection. Once she has gathered enough knowledge on the subject, she applied the systems she discovered, and within just two months of implementing them, she got pregnant. Using the same systems, her next child was conceived after only a month of trying.

In her eBook, Personal Path to Pregnancy, Beth aims to help other women conceive healthy babies without having to go through the sleepless nights and frustration she experienced. As a happy mother, she wants other women to experience the joy of motherhood with the help of her eBook.


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Personal Path To Pregnancy is a complete guide to getting pregnant naturally and without the unnecessary invasive therapies. It includes a variety of different techniques and ways to determine which strategies would work best for you. Beth Kiley is a proponent of the natural path to pregnancy. In her book, you will learn: How to know exactly when you ovulate (at that time your odds of conception...
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