Adam Waters

Adam Waters is a popular certified trainer, author, and Internet marketer. He also considers himself a part-time video maker in line with his Internet career.

Adam got started with fitness after 6 years of failed weight loss attempts. After getting tired with ineffective weight loss methods, he set himself on a 12-week mission to get leaner. His entire journey to fitness is documented in his blog,

After succeeding in his first mission, he added 5 more missions documented in real time. These missions last a total of 1000 days, and ended in New York in August of 2009. His 6th mission was launched simultaneously with his physique transformation system, RTP (Real Time Physique Transformation) Transformation System, which is the world’s first real time body transformation program. It currently has more than 35% success/completion rate, with 120 success stories documented and 481 more registered contestants in the RTP contest. To give fitness enthusiasts a better way to communicate and support each other in their fitness goals, he created the ShredderSphere Community. However it is currently frozen, since Adam is mapping out a new model for his community.

Aside from being a well-known fitness expert, Adam is famous for his IM skills. He focuses mainly on social media, and shares his strategies in his personal blog, He discovered its power while promoting his RTP Blog, and continued utilizing it. Based on his experience, social media is very powerful when it comes to online businesses. He is currently an expert in video production marketing as well, having worked with top Internet marketers, Tom Venuto and Carlos de Jesus.


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Real Time Physique (RTP) Transformation System was developed by Adam Waters, a NESTA certified personal trainer and an RTP transformation expert. This system, tagged as the world's first real-time body transformation system, has gained international media attention and has transformed the lives (and bodies) of 130 people from different countries. It was designed to help men and women transform...
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