Athletic Body By Design

by Bryan Kavanagh & Ian Graham,

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Certified personal trainers Bryan Kavanagh and Ian Graham of Athletic Body System have developed a new system called Athletic Body By Design for men who want to have a lean and muscular body. If you want to develop a physique like that of a professional athlete or a fitness model, then this system is perfect for you.

Athletic Body By Design will teach you how to train like an athlete to achieve your body sculpting goals the quick way. This system won't require you to train like a professional body builder, perform workouts for countless hours, drink protein shakes, and take expensive supplements. Even if you have a slow metabolism and horrible genetics, this system can work for you.

Athletic Body By Design is based on the training methods used in various sports and disciplines. This complete athletic physique development system is customizable. You will gain access to a unique training pathways template that you can use to address your own specific goals.

The 240-page Athletic Body By Design Master Manual will give you all the information that you'll need to achieve the body that you desire. It covers lifestyle management, goal setting, training, nutrition, and more. Together with the manual, you will also receive bonus materials, such as the abs exercise manual, an e-report, an MP3 file, etc.

You can try Athletic Body By Design for 21 days for only $5. After that period, you will be billed $36 for 2 months.

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I am at a low 5% bodyfat and feel GREAT!!
On-Site Review

With 'Athletic Body By Design' I FINALLY Discovered How To STOP Wasting My Time With Endless Cardio, Sweat Suit Usage, Severe Calorie Restriction, To FINALLY Start Burning Body Fat, Increase Fitness and Develop A LEAN and Muscular Physique!!!

Today I am at a low 5% bodyfat and feel GREAT!! … am currently living the dream in Las Vegas boxing out of a Top Rank Gym. I am getting the best training and sparring in Las Vegas and have great aspirations! Now that I have the Athletic Body System to keep me LEAN and help me ALWAYS make weight I cannot fail!’

Robert Gorman,
Dublin Ireland

I burned off more fat...
On-Site Review

I started weight training about three years ago. Basically I was more or less lost in the gym picking up dumbbells here and there doing slow sets of 10 or 12 and taking 2 or 3 min rests!! No results, gained a bit of strength but nothing to be happy about!

Around a year or more later I started using ABS. Bryan put me on a program with quick sets and short rest periods, so I actually broke a sweat in the gym and burned off more fat.
My training is a lot quicker and I'm in and out of the gym in an hour now because I know what I'm doing.

David McQuillan,
Dublin Ireland

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