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AthLean-X is a unique training program developed by celebrity fitness trainer Jeff Cavaliere. He packed all of his fat burning, muscle building, physique molding secrets into this program. They're the same ones he uses with his famous clients, but for a tiny fraction of his usual price!

AthLean-X is a 3-month program that is covered in 2 AthLean-X Training System manuals - sets, reps and exercises are given in a comprehensive chart for each of those 90 days. One manual is meant for people who go to the gym. The exercises are presented in a handy printable format you can take with you. The other manual is for people who prefer to work out at home.

AthLean-X also comes with the illustrated AthLean-X Companion Guide that explains every single exercise in detail. You'll also get The Ultimate Home Gym Blueprint, which lists the 10 things you need to have in your home gym. You'll save money in the long run, since the equipment costs less than 3 months of gym membership. Plus, you'll get the AthLean Edge Nutrition Audio Interrogation - a complete diet plan for the program's 90 days that answers every possible nutrition question you may have.

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I like the workout program and the diet plan
posted this review on January 6, 2014

One look at the AthleanX website, and you’ll be sure that it’s among the most professional fitness programs on the Internet. Jeff did a great job developing this program, and making sure that it fits all kinds of body types and lifestyles. My brother and I have different body types and different activities, but we’re both into AthleanX. The thing that attracted me to try AthleanX is its simplicity and clarity. You get the workouts that you need to do everyday streamlined in one place. You also get the schedule clearly laid out for you. There’s nothing left for you to do but to go out there and exercise. As for the diet, I’ve never been into dieting, but I trust this program so much that I tried their diet too, and this is the longest diet program I’ve ever been on. I thought it would be too difficult because I’m already working out but the diet is balanced and not the dry out till you die kind of diet. And it really speeds up my results. The only downside this has is the same on all other Internet programs have – that you need to be self-motivated to make this work for you as there will be no coach or trainer telling you to keep moving.

Can't stop looking at myself in the mirror!
Kyle Baylon (from Queensland, Australia) posted this review on December 14, 2013

I can’t stop looking at my body in the mirror now. Call me vain and all, but the body I worked hard for with the help of AthleanX is worth staring at. I thought it was impossible for me to have this kind of body without spending so much on a trainer, but AthleanX made it possible. It was a lot of hard work but the results were so quick that I didn’t have problems with motivation. You know as long as I’m seeing results I can keep on working out, working on my body. AthleanX gives me those results continuously. In my few months on this program, I’ve never had an issue with plateauing. That’s my number 1 problem when I was with other workout programs. When I hit a plateau, I lose my motivation. AthleanX helped me fight that, and now I’m really enjoying working out knowing that I’m burning chunks of fat with every session. I will be sticking to this program for quite a long time.

Great results but there should be a follow-up program
posted this review on August 29, 2013

This is an athlete’s training program for non-athletes. I’m impressed with Athlean-X because of its uniqueness and because it’s really a lot more enjoyable than other training programs. The results it had on my body are also fantastic! I’m so happy seeing so much improvement in my body without needing a trainer. I really don’t want to spend money for trainers because I know that they seldom look at your body and give you personalized training plans. It’s really just the same as grabbing a product like this one and just being disciplined enough to follow it on your own. I just hope this had a follow-up program, like something to do after the 3-month program here. I think it’s not a good idea just doing the same program for another 3 months. I’ve gotten the best result I could get from this 3 month program, and now I’m ready to try something else. I really hope they can have like an Athlean-X second level program or something like that.

Very functional fitness program
posted this review on May 18, 2013

AthLean-X is a functional fitness program. The focus is not just physical appearance, it also improves strength, flexibility, balance, and general athletic performance. It’s an athlete training program made for those who don’t have any athletic background, if that makes sense. I’ve improved so much in all aspects because of AthLean-X, not just in looks, but also in my body’s athletic capability.

This program will get you ripped in no time
posted this review on April 15, 2013

It’s been a while since I’ve seen a program as awesome as AthLean-X. This program is made to get your body ripped in no time. I had a lot of body fat before. I wasn’t obese, but I was far from hot. Right now, with the help of AthLean-X, I’m already seeing a lot of muscles all over my body, and it’s only been a month. The program uses a very scientific approach that I find really impressive because it’s hard to see in other programs.

I was right about buying this
posted this review on January 23, 2013

I was right to trust AthleanX more than I trusted other products online. I wanted so much to setup my own home gym but I was confused as to the equipment that I need and all that. I’ve tried a lot of “gym equipment” on home tv shopping that didn’t do what they say they would. I didn’t want to throw money away on them. AthleanX helped me setup my own home gym without breaking the bank. I’ve had some savings tucked away and that was more than enough for the home gym. I wanted to try Fitness First then but it was too expensive. With this I get all the benefits at home, and my wife and daughter can use the equipment too. AthleanX’s program is also revolutionary. I’ve read other fitness programs online, but this is the only one that blew me away. I’ve been using this for quite a while now, and I haven’t experienced plateauing yet. I get steady and stable weight loss from AthleanX. I really recommend it to everyone.

If you want a real home gym, then this is what you need
posted this review on January 22, 2013

I’ve learned a lot about Jeff in different online discussions, blogs, and a lot other health related articles, so as soon as I found out that he’s behind AthLean-X, I was sold. I didn’t even read the sales page! I’m so happy that Jeff included a part about setting up your own home gym. I have a large space in the garage that I haven’t been using in a long time, and I set that up as my home gym. The equipment needed are really cheap. And since I’ve decided to be in this for the long haul, I’m sure I’ve saved thousands of dollars. The exercises are also clearly laid out in the program. You get to see how everything’s done step-by-step. You also get the nutrition guide, which is important if you’re after some quick results. The only problem you’ll have here is getting motivated. In the gym it’s easy to get motivated when you have gym buddies, and if you have a trainer looking over your shoulder as you do the exercises, but with AthLean-X you’re gonna have to motivate yourself.

Works faster than mainstream workout programs
Matthew Cornell (from Denton, USA) posted this review on August 21, 2012

The program is definitely enough to make BIG improvements to your body in 3 months. Most workout programs do show results in 3 months, but with this one you will see major improvements in that short time span. It’s also great that it’s got a version for gym-goers and another one for people who workout at home. I personally enjoying working out in the gym, so I use the first manual in the package. They are detailed manuals, so you feel like you have a fitness trainer looking after you throughout the whole program. Some friends I’ve made at the gym were surprised to see the changes I’ve made in just 3 months, since they’ve been working out for over a year, but my results are better than theirs. Three of them are now using this same system and they enjoy using it too. I’m sure it will work for them the way it did for me.

THE fitness program for busy people
posted this review on July 14, 2012

I do not have much time for fitness these days as work takes up most of my time. I have to say Jeff’s program is really effective for people who can only spare a little time for their workouts. I was never a believer of online fitness programs since I think most of them are just ways for the author to make some quick bucks, but since it’s Jeff behind this, I decided to give it a try. I was right about trusting Jeff. I workout less and for shorter periods since I’ve been on this, but my results are so much better than I had when I spent almost my entire days at the gym. I do not feel stressed out by the routines too. In fact I’m always excited to go to the gym and get my muscles in action. Unlike when I was working out with one trainer before, when I had to drag myself to the gym. Motivation is less of a problem when you enjoy what your doing.


Jeff rocks!

Wow, I cant believe my eyes, is that really Jeff's course? I can't wait to start training! Ive downloaded to full course already, and will start as soon as tomorrow. It's worth trying to work out with a guy with such a name. I've read of him in magazines, he really rocks, so many people can't be mistaken.

Mike, USA

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