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Are you struggling to lose weight and achieve the body that you desire? There are numerous diet and weight loss methods or programs out there today, but most (if not all) of these programs are focused on pills, tedious workout routines, and starvation. These methods are considered not only ineffective, but also dangerous.

For a safe and effective solution to your weight issues, there's the Action Weight Loss program. This program is more than just a diet plan. It is more of an action plan that won't require you to take pills, spend countless hours at the gym, and starve yourself to death. It is a program that involves custom plans for your own specific needs and goals.

With Action Weight Loss, you will get a blueprint with easy-to-follow, step-by-step instructions, custom-made for your exact weight and height. You will discover a diet method that can set your body in an automatic fat-burning process. You will also learn a workout routine designed specifically for you. Each plan is optimized so you can get safe and reliable results the shortest time possible.

A lot of people have tried Action Weight Loss and they have achieved amazing results. The creators of this revolutionary program are confident that this can work for you too.

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Loving the effects!
posted this review on July 8, 2014

Action Weight Loss has helped me lose so much weight since I got it a few months ago. It’s been really helpful for me. The plan is simple and it works wonders. If not for this, I’d probably still be struggling with my weight loss issues. I love Action Weight Loss and I highly recommend it to everone.

You just have to follow what it says!
posted this review on July 4, 2014

I am glad that I chose a program that is both healthy and effective. I’ve been enjoying amazing results from this program since I discovered it 5 months ago. I’ve lost so much weight, I’ve gained so much energy, and I started feeling more positive about life. The results aren’t limited to my body, but it reaches out to my mind. Because of the amazing results that I got from it, I also recommended it to some of my friends and a lot of them like it too. The more determined ones are already seeing positive results. You just have to follow what the guide says to do. In my opinion, nothing can be easier than that.

Just start...
posted this review on March 10, 2014

This battle against the bulge has been going on my entire life. I’d been fat since I was a kid. I remember getting teased and bullied in school because of my “abnormal weight.” I also remember my mom on a rage in my school because my teacher called me “piggy” and I casually told her about it. I know a lot other people have gone through or are going through the same thing.

When I hit my 20s, I decided to start fighting off the curse. I’ve tried so many weight loss techniques, but it was almost impossible for me to lose weight, much more keep it off. I’ve gotten support from my family and friends. I’ve gotten into an expensive gym too and I also tried working out at home when I felt too embarrassed to show myself in public.

Action Weight Loss definitely helped changed my fate. Although this isn’t the only weight loss program that I’m using now, it’s what jumpstarted real weight loss for me. The best thing about this is that it’s a long-term plan. You don’t need to worry about rebounding because this is meant to fight off plateaus and rebounds. I’ve lost 40lbs. through this and the other programs that I’m using now. I am just a few lbs. away to achieving my ideal weight. This is the lightest I’ve ever been and it’s amazing how much I can do with this new weight.

My suggestion is just to start. Start with a program that will fit your personality and your lifestyle. Once you see the results, I’m sure you’ll stick to it.

This is definitely the right kind of weight loss
posted this review on January 8, 2014

I got into the weight loss pill craze a few months ago. I started with Orlistat, but I thought it was too slow, so I switched to something a bit more aggressive. It was a pink pill that they got from Japan. A lot of my friends were using it, so I tried it too. I lost weight but after a month on that pill, I was rushed to the hospital because I was palpitating too much and I was filling lightheaded. I found out that there was some sort of illegal drug there, and it wasn’t from Japan but from China. I was in the hospital for 3 days, and when I got out, I was on an eating spree. It was like my body wanted to make up for all the nutrients that I lost. So, after that, I started looking for a healthier weight loss program, and found this. I’ve already lost considerable weight since I got started, and I feel the difference between this kind of weight loss, and the weight loss that I had when I used that nasty drug. I feel energized with this program, I don’t feel lethargic, I get better sleep at night. I feel like a better person all in all. Action Weight Loss is definitely something I’d recommend to everyone.

This really pulled me into the healthy lifestyle
posted this review on July 15, 2013

The days of struggling are finally over! I’m still on the chubby side but not so much that I cause trouble on the bus or on the plane. I started wanting to lose weight when I boarded a plane to my sister’s wedding, and the person sitting beside me blatantly insulted me for being too fat that I cause discomfort to others. And then when I came to my sister’s place, her 6 year old son teased me of being a hippo. My sister had to punish the kid, and I felt sorry. I knew it was wrong, but he was just a little boy, and I did look like a hippo in my purple shirt and leggings. The last straw was when the gown she got for me didn’t fit and they had to go through the trouble of getting it repaired on time for the wedding. I thought my being fat was really becoming a trouble not just for myself, but also for others.

I began my weight loss journey with Action Weight Loss the moment I got home. I started at about 240 lbs. It wasn’t easy but Action Weight Loss helped me through it. It’s called action weight loss because you really have to act if you want to lose weight. You can’t just buy the system and then wait for a miracle. The program is complete. It isn’t just a diet plan that tells you what to eat and what not to eat, it also explains the importance of each step and why you should stick to it no matter what.

I am at 160 lbs. right now, and I couldn’t have done it without Action Weight Loss. It really helped pull me into the healthy lifestyle.

It's a sustainable and healthy way to lose weight
posted this review on June 26, 2013

I spent months deciding on a weight loss program to use before choosing Action Weight Loss. I noticed the difference it has with other weight loss programs so I chose it. This one does not promote rapid and unhealthy weight loss. It’s more sustainable than others. Of course, there is a lot of self-control involved but it’s in a more realistic way. It’s not about shrinking yourself and drying up your body, but about getting the right weight for your height. It really, quite surprisingly, considers health as having an important role in weight loss. I’m now continuously losing weight because of this program.

The tips have been very helpful
posted this review on June 9, 2013

Action Weight Loss features a healthy way to lose weight. It doesn’t require starvation or too much workout. It’s more of a complete lifestyle you need to adapt to make weight loss possible. The blueprint is step-by-step. It’s very easy to follow so I didn’t have to get a trainer or a dietician. Everything’s included here. I used to work with a dietician after giving birth, but I wasn’t seeing much result so I ditched her for this program. I’m seeing better results here. It’s also got a lot of explanations on fad diets and yoyo dieting. They’ve been very helpful.

It's really quick fat loss!
posted this review on June 2, 2013

Action Weight Loss helped me lose 34 lbs. in total. I thought I would never achieve my target body weight, but I did. I’m just doing some toning exercises now because I lost weight so quickly. I got to get my skin back to its original form. I got a lot of stretch marks from the rapid weight loss, but I can live with that. If you see the photos on the website, they’re real women and you can add me to that.

35lbs and counting
posted this review on April 29, 2013

I only had to look at the before and after pics and read the testimonials on the website to get convinced to buy this. I’ve been on it for 3 months, and have lost 35lbs. It’s also easier than other weight loss programs I’ve tried. I don’t feel as deprived as in other diets.

Great results so far
posted this review on April 12, 2013

It’s been 2 weeks since I started using Action Weight Loss, and the results have been awesome. I’m impressed because I’ve never seen the same results in fad diets I tried in the past. I’ve lost 18 lbs. so far. This just feels better because there isn’t much self-control needed. You’re not going to deprive yourself. I tried the cabbage soup diet before and then the lemonade cleanse. They almost killed me. It took so much willpower to stick to those diet programs. With Action Weight Loss, I just let things happen. I didn’t feel so deprived, so I’m able to stick to it longer. It’s been 2 weeks now, and I’m not crying myself to sleep yet. I’m glad I woke up one day thinking I need to diet and then got this. If this continues and if the effects are permanent, I’ll let you know.

Promotes the right and healthy way of eating
Celia Halley (from Quitman, USA) posted this review on February 18, 2013

Action Weight Loss is an easy to follow diet program because it does not require starvation and it’s not too restrictive. What it promotes is the right way of eating, so it’s more sustainable. It takes some level of self-control, but it’s easier than other diet programs, and you’re gonna see results right away, so you’re less likely to quit.

A complete lifestyle program for quick and permanent weight loss
posted this review on December 10, 2012

Action Weight Loss plan’s blueprint is actually an entire lifestyle program for sustainable weight loss. Losing weight is easy, it’s keeping it off that’s the challenge. After two kids, none of the diet and workout programs I see everywhere worked for me. I used to lose weight easily even if I was really the chubby kid since grade school. After my first child, I started gaining weight faster than before, I tried to fight it through dieting, but then I got pregnant with my 2nd child and after that weight loss seemed impossible. 3 months ago, I found Action Weight Loss plan, and since I was looking for something that’s gonna be more effective than an ordinary diet program, I tried it. It’s great because the diet program isn’t that restrictive and the workout program isn’t too difficult too. I’m more used to dieting, so working out is alien territory to me, but with the exercises here, I got used to it, and now, I love it! I’m really so much into the Action Weight Loss’ workout program that I feel guilty if I skip it for a day! I’ve already lost 5 inches off my waist, and my body still looks toned. Not the saggy body you get from dieting alone!

Allows easy customization of diets
posted this review on October 17, 2012

I started with my weight loss journey on a diet program my sister used after giving birth. Sadly, it didn’t work for me. It runs for 3 days, and then you can rest for a week and do it again for 3 days. It worked great for my sister, but for me, it only made me sick. I noticed that every time I’m on that diet my immune system drops and I get sick. So, after 2 months of being on that program, I stopped it. After that, I just cut down on food, and while it kept me from growing bigger, it didn’t help me lose any weight. I found this book just 4 months ago, and I’ve been using it since then. I like how it allows me to customize the diet based on my personal needs. We all have different body types, and something that worked for your sister or your friend may not work for you. This you to figure out which method works best for you so you can achieve the body that you want more easily. I’ve already lost 40+ lbs since I got started with this. I’ve only 15lbs. more but I think it might take me longer to lose that because I learned that the leaner you get, the harder it will be to burn fats.

Finally, a healthy weight loss program
Mary Herron (from Cincinnati, USA) posted this review on August 14, 2012

I know all too well that those diet programs and exercise programs they sell online do not work by themselves. To make them effective, you gotta learn which ones work together. I’ve tried a lot of them and not a single one worked for me. Even those exercise programs from really popular fitness people didn’t work for me. And those killer diets that celebrities endorse didn’t work for me either. This is the only action plan for weight loss that helped me shed off 32 pounds, and I’m still losing until now. it considers the root cause of your excess weight in determining the right program for you, so it’s so much like having your own fitness coach without spending too much, and in the comfort of your home. Losing weight wasn’t difficult for me since this program does not starve you or bombard you with difficult exercises you need to do   everyday. It’s a plan to be healthy, and lose weight in the process.


I lost 16 pounds in 2 weeks!

I'm seeing great results from the program. It's been only 2 weeks and I already lost 16 pounds! I'm 100% positive that I'll be able to stick it out until I get back in shape.


It's been a real life changer for me.

The custom approach really gave me the great results that I was hoping for. I've lost more than 60 pounds in the last 3 months, and I've never felt better.

I work crazy hours and travel a lot on business, so it was hard to find the time to go to the gym. And the way the program is set up, works really well with my demanding schedule…

I've recommended this program to everyone in my group. And everyone who tried it, loved it.

Kelly M.

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