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21 Day Fast Mass Building is a multi-media program created by model/trainer Vince Del Monte and trainer/bodybuilder Lee Hayward that shows you how you can gain up to 20 pounds of pure muscle in just 21 days. This program reveals that one important strategy natural bodybuilders use to get leaner and more muscular.

With the 21 Day Fast Mass Building program, you don't need to take insulin and other drugs, follow diets that involve junk foods, and apply other ineffective conventional bulking methods. This program is about using the so-called Anabolic Amplifier Effect, also known as the "Rebound" effect. It explains that you can achieve that lean, rock-solid, and fit body that you've been dreaming of by following a low-calorie nutrition plan (Primer Phase) for a week and getting into a high-calorie nutrition plan (Overload Phase) for two weeks.

The 21 Day Fast Mass Building program includes all the information and tools that you will need to build muscles the fast and natural way. With this effective program, you will receive a Training Manual, a Nutrition Guide, The Bodyweight 500 Fat Cutting Workout DVD, The 21-Day Fitness Model Physique Workout DVD, The 21-Day Muscle Model Physique Workout DVD, and The 21-Day Hardcore Bodybuilder Physique Workout DVD. You will also get printable workout sheets and training log, The Anabolic Switch Supplement Rituals, the Test Group's audio interrogation, pre-program checklist, exercise description guide, and more.

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We are offering you a chance to try out the 21 Day Fast Mass Building for 21 days for just $29.95. If you like it and decide to keep it, you will be billed additional $47.05 after that time. On the other hand, if you decide that this product is not what you're looking for, simply opt-out before the trial period expires (you can do so via e-mail).
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I highly recommend FMB!
On-Site Review

This is one of the best ways to gain size fast! I did one cycle of FMB. because I wanted to gain size fast and take advantage of the holiday season, which includes a lot of eating. My stats: Before: 145 @ 18% bodyfat. After: 147 lbs at 17% bodyfat. So I gained 7 lbs of muscle, which is pretty impressive since I’m a real "hard gainer". These are the best gains I’ve had in a long time. I would walk around the four seasons resort and women would be eying me up and down. All and all I highly recommend FMB! You won't regret your results.

Sheldon Ortiz
Wailuku, Hawaii USA

The program looks great!
On-Site Review

It’s something that I haven’t really seen before and it definitely works for putting on size, that is for sure. Anyhow, this is how my rebound gains has gone so far...
Saturday November 20th – 138 pounds Tuesday November 30th – 164 pounds!That’s up 26 pounds gained since the show! My rebound has been excellent so I can definitely say the Anabolic Amplifier theory works! My strength has been great in the gym as well.

Jeff Nippard

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