1 Rep Fitness: Shape Your Body The European Way

by Fabrice Rinaldi, 1repfitness.com

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1 Rep Fitness comes from the hands of the European fitness trainer, Fabrice Rinaldi. This comprehensive system for building lean muscle mass and losing fat brings reliable and safe results. Lets' see what you get in the 1 Rep Fitness package:

  • 3-Phase Lean Nutrition System

Includes meal plans for everyone (women and men, different weight ranges and goals). The system has 3 phases; each one lasting 4 weeks. The first phase is called Rapid Weight Loss Phase. Within this phase, you will be losing as much weight as possible. In second phase, Steady-Burn, Steady-Gain Phase, you continue to lose weight, while focusing on adding lean muscle to your body. The third phase is the Peak Shape Phase. Within this phase, you will shed your final excess weight and completely shape your brand new body.

  • 1 Rep Fitness E-book

The book outlines the 1 Rep Fitness workout system. It is based on doing a series of single repetition sets, followed by the more usual multiple repetition sets. The system relies on using slightly heavier weights than most people are used to. The exercises are interrupted with super-short rest intervals that add to the effect of the workout.

  • vNew workouts every week for 90 days

Fabrice Rinaldi will send you a new exercise plan every six days. All you will need to do is read the plan and do the exercises. No more thinking or planning - everything is laid out for you.

1 Rep Fitness also contains video representations of the 1 Rep Fitness exercises, so you'll have no problems performing them correctly, and a bundle of valuable downloadable bonus books that cover cardio exercises, abs training, classic exercises, and more.

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1rep fitness-I was scammed!
davebody252 (from Onalaska, USA) posted this review on January 29, 2009

I could not get any response to my questions about the workouts, even after repeated emails. They promise fast response "usually within 24 hours". Also, the workout plans stopped coming after the 6th week. I have no idea where the exercise videos are, either. I was not given a link to them. I have requested my money back, but, of course, no response. DON'T WASTE YOUR MONEY!

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